Wow, there are so many of them, how did they get here? It seems like it had to be a coordinated effort to make this many people. Thousands of them traversing the crosswalks and sidewalks and jaywalking and jogging and running full speed biking and driving and occasionally jumping from buildings onto other people who […]

We all heard him tromping through the tubes. Into our home, the unwanted fool who can only bark out that he’s just doing his job. An unwanted job. A job no one notices but him, his bosses, and us. We are as out of the way as we can be, and we are still too […]

  01 – When Speaking to an Extraterrestrial | by Maya Williams 02 – People Soup | by Joe Bielecki  03 – The Metal Archives | by Christine Taylor 04 – Hair of the Dog | by Jay Merill 05 – Origin Story | by Topaz Winters 06 – blueberry island | by Zoe Canner 07 – The Year of Milk | by Cat Dixon 08 – Todestrieb | […]