001 Sober II (Melodrama) | by Logan February

002This Love Will Destroy You | by Cathy Ulrich

003It’s Fine | by Kat Giordano

004Three Poems | by Catherine Chambers

005Eugene Needs Fruit! | by Brandon Stadnicki

006in which adulthood is a mouthful of blood | by Clara Paiva

007In (response to/preparation for) the recent shooting(s) | by Zackary Lavoie

0082017 At The Cornerstore | by Patrick Panageas

009ignis faatus | by Joy Overbrook

010Fresh as the Day | by Zack Peercy

011All Dogs Go to Cannon | by Shane Page

012By the ocean | by Caroline Smith

013Two Flash Fictions | by Elizabeth Moura

014On Almost Loving an Activist | by Jensen McRae

015Three Poems | by Donora A. Rihn

016Let it Be Our Secret | by Lesley C Weston

017My Friend America | by Nick Soluri

018The World is Full of Burning Dogs | by Nicholas Grider

019driving on 676 | by Allison Casey

020i’ll burn that bridge when i get to it | by Charlie Skodras

021Crayola Kind of Love | by Mercedes Lucero

022Unrequited Craving for Miraculous Body | by M. Main

023Witch : Satiation | by Elizabeth Theriot

024Are You Afraid of the Dark? | by Keith J. Castillo

025Three Poems | by Benjamin Niespodziany

026Skipping Pills | by Marilyn Schotland

027the places I will carry you | by Victor Shaw

028Three Poems | by Terese Pierre