hnhnmuy.PNGArielle Tipa is a writer / poet and the Founding Editor of Occulum. She received her BA in Comparative Literature & English from Stony Brook University in 2015, and additionally holds an Associate’s in Journalism. Arielle’s work is often inspired by illusion, bodies, nature, dreamwork, cinema, and the grotesque. Her poetry has appeared in Vagabond City, Yes, Poetry, Dream Pop Press, and L’Éphémère Review, among others. Arielle’s debut chapbook, Daughter – Seed, is available from Empty Set Press.


ange.PNGAngelo Colavita lives and writes in Philadelphia, where he serves as Founding Editor of Empty Set Press. He is the author of two chapbooks, Heroines (2017) and Flowersonnets (2018). His work has appeared in Breadcrumbs, Trópica Laced, Luna Luna Magazine, Yes Poetry, Occulum, Mad House, Apiary Magazine, and elsewhere online and in print. Angelo’s writing focuses on experimentation and form as well as sound and visual poetry, drawing influence from black metal, medieval poetry, esoterica, the romantics, Oulipo, L=A=N=G=U=A=G=E poets, the New York School, Black Mountain College, postmodernism, surrealism, samizdat, and other realms of the avant garde. He is a devout occultist, nihilist, and card-carrying member of The Satanic Temple. Follow him on Twitter @angeloremipsum or on Instagram @angelocolavita.