Evening light shines down on a shepherd who guides his flock to a nearby village. Passing by the graveyard, he sees a strange being with big horns and long claws digging up a grave under the darkening sky.

     Surprised, the shepherd notices that The Strange One has destroyed the grave and taken out the body, leaning it over the headstone. It bites into the dead man’s heel and blood pours from the newly opened flesh. The Strange One backs away from the blood suddenly. The dead man is not dead. The Strange One ducks its head, preparing to charge forward to ram the man and kill him. The Strange One is The Man-Eater.

     The shepherd quickly moves the body from the headstone and puts his scythe[1] in its place. The Man-Eater rushes to ram into the scythe with its horns, but the scythe’s blade impales it in the throat. The Man-Eater falls to the ground, dead. (more…)