Three Poems | by Emily Paskevics

Lovers at the Table

You’re coarser than I expected. Thick-
skinned, bristly, almost scaled.
You told me to be contrary
& untamed,

so I’ve practiced by screaming.
My voice has changed, rough-edged
& more brutal. There’s
something ugly

in my belly
that you can’t quite kill—
I don’t know its name, but it’s shaped
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Two Poems | by Kristin Garth


It’s funny how they always blame it on
the girl. Cherchez la femme now slut shame. Like
itty bitty me could bring down the sons
of industry and prep school breeding. Strike
some blow against the aristocracy 
still armed with money, power, even God
when I don’t even have a solid plan
or decent reputation. Use my body
and blame me for your weakness. It can’t be
you. It cannot be that I was something 
you so wanted you gave up all to see
me crawl across your kitchen nude and lean
like some malnourished kitty cat while you
hold all the milk and savor every mew.
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Evil Twin | by Samantha Rose

hisses echo in
my ears,
your tongue
and i am awakened…

pleased to drown
in your moonless waters
i rise
obsidian in your eyes.

eternity teased

upon reflection, it may be
why i let you come
within on many occasions
despite ideal prudence
pleasure was persistent, Continue reading “Evil Twin | by Samantha Rose”