wormhole to the floor, witch-lifted.
split inchoate rum & coke

pressed to throat enough
finds me glorious.

feed him my body little pieced,
washed & wrapped in gilt eye

               -liner & alka-seltzer. sweet
                twitch of pansy petals from my
                hair our mouths the only un-
                pronounced hulk in the room (more…)

The Avalanche Effect

The story of the suitcase was true, but the painting wasn’t in it. Oh, well. Things progress when there’s a mistake. The next 48 hours are going to be crucial. Don’t mess with women who are into gore. I haven’t the slightest doubt that my own relatives planned to kill me. It’s too awful here. Yesterday we heard something that sounded like rocks being unloaded from a dump truck. Those were gunshots. I stepped outside to take a look and saw descendants of Marcel Duchamp selling snowballs on the street. (more…)

Digital TV Killed the Big Bang

It started with the
             clarity       rabbit ears cut and buried in boxes.
Sunday green        the light off helmets and teeth.
               Do we always look this way?
Curdled milk and red cheeks.

                We didn’t even notice the     absence
of the radio crackle.
                One percent of static is the background light from the Big Bang.
Our feet caught on pole’s uneven
precession      broken from the bear’s tail.

               It is only one percent.
But the universe didn’t care about
the size of the tear in the static.
The sun throwing itself against our wounds beating
aurora shrieks on our fingernails. (more…)

Eldritch Capitalism

cry wildfire in glass floats that glitter like blood snowflakes. can’t hide from the drowning spiral, bottle the river’s song to the sea. fence and trade the last glowing wildfire, picking scraps of gold survival off the edge of their knife. lock up the most forbidden moon. (more…)

Somewhere in Kentucky, a sapling of a man named Sky Shivers
praises a nurser for her figure, speaking with the fireside

glow of reverence and fear.
She’s ten years old
and still has a “phenomenal utter line.”

Sky sings us her strength, tells a sow with piglets
stokes within her more danger than a bull.
She’ll uproot ligaments and muscle from your thigh, crush the bone,
the way even a dog in terror never would,
leaving you a panic of black tubes that can’t find each other,
the way bodies are a thing people know
but can never figure out.
Think of the dangle when you hotwire a car,
blue chords, red, yellow cords.
That’s you. (more…)

[So He Picks This Spot Off I-55]

Traffic north of the spillway peters out
        and the moon offers no light at all,
so he picks this spot off I-55

to drop the bodies he collects
       in the French Quarter. The breeze
coming off the lake cools everything.

He can hear the water moving
         toward shore below the overpass,
can sense the tops of trees swaying (more…)


For the past few days, I’ve been soaking
my brain in a bowl of whiskey. It’s funny
to see, a brain in a bowl of whiskey.

Like some mushroom gone corrupt
and allowed to ferment. Strange,
what I let myself do. Dripping, my brain

fits right back in my head and I drive
to work and paint strips of egg
on floured dough and tuck in bits

of apples and cloves. The rum
meant for pastry cream goes instead
into my coffee. The bowl would be better— (more…)