The Faerie Nose | by Doreen Stelton

If a faerie made perfumes

How would she blend?


Would she tincture the green of a violet stem

In dew from the tip of a fern of the deep,

Deep, dark woods

So cool and fecund?


Yes, she should.


At midnight she’d enchant a single blossom of jasmine.

Coax out the ethers with her giggling spells,

A puff and a whir,

A flash.


Yes, might as well.


She’d surely use cepes and oakmoss galore

All seamlessly earthy and rich.

Seductively luring their sacred aromas

Into small crystal vials of hues heterochromatic

With a wild-crafted dance of blush-worthy charm.


Yes, wouldn’t you?


If a faerie made perfume

She’d capture the soul

(Without ravage or ill)

Of each plant, flower, and loam.

Her mind-bending nose

Bringing heart to the nectar

And solace sublime.





Doreen Stelton is a writer, perfumer, and faeriepreneur who enjoys nature, meditation, travel, and most all things faerie. You may follow her blog on or on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.


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