Death of Troy | by Matthew Wilson

I have screamed into the fire of a burning empire

When the secrets of the wooden horse were there undone

Where the laughing Grecian king had crushed our crown

Then smashed all statues of our gods beneath the sun.


Here is where I raised my sword against his hatred

Calling on my dead family for strength to kill the night

Now the armies of mad kings have killed our women

When the Grecian king has doused our cities light.


I have mourned the blood of children splattered on the wall

The palace of our home where good should have resided

Until the Grecian king whispered hate into men’s hearts

And his evils left our enemies conscious divided.


I have screamed into the fire of a burning empire

At the palace gates I have raised my burning sword

Facing the red-eyed Grecian king of many plagues

Whose hatred has bought to Troy this wicked hoarde.




Matthew Wilson, 34, has been published over 100 times in such places as Horror Zine, Alban Lake Publishing, Zimbell House Publishing, Star Line and many more. He is currently editing his first novel.








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