SIDE-EFFECTS MAY VARY | by Stephanie Chang

i return to find you
on our porch swing
breeding ladybugs
by the multitude.
your carcass
wails from the spine,
long-limbed like
skeleton leaves.
don’t scare me
like this: where on earth
did you get those
silkmoth wings from?
–no, no
those aren’t toys, dear–
but look at you!
frothing at the
mouth with stars blended
into bubble bath foam.
tell me how we will
sink teeth beneath skin
tonight, what with you
lapping at my ankles
like a goddamn dog.




Stephanie Chang is a 15-year-old Chinese-Canadian writer who believes that ghosts are hiding in your local coffee shop and that they get quite lonely. Her favourite hobby is listening to “Fly Me to the Moon” on repeat. Find her on Twitter at @matchafuelled.

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