A Sonnet to the Siren Aksinya – Dark eyeglasses, bare shoulders, very unfriendly | by Akaky Akakievich

Dashing through the waywards ways of how one should stay to

Attach with the golden enterprise of the sauntering side of thus

We have missed her while it is still of some esteem to plead over

The nasty but concurrent has been here to faithfully ponder the rue

Of a moreover steadfast caved in is the luminous sounds to not cuss

Overlapping was the needled and not so much of a torrid vapid clover


Here she was at the realm of the eased and not so much is there a bit

Ventilated spiral made from such bareness where one could have skin

That lacks the purpose of what can be the modern enough sharper claw

Was this a fearful moderate flight that handles a rueful missed from it

Can there not be a thumping over the leaking eyeglasses have been thin

It was all under the moderate fuss from who should dampen the true flaw




Akaky Akakievich resides in Pittsburgh, PA. He is the author of a number of acclaimed Sonnet Cycles, Goddess Sonnets and Witch Sonnets. A number of these have been published in the last year. The Siren Sonnets are part of a cycle also (almost complete). 

Akaky believes that Eternal Truth resides in 18th and 18th Literature and Music.



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