Thoughts from the Hubble | by M.S.H. Williams

Star-shine out of reach
Proximity’s profane

Like fictitious friction
Perhaps frictitious fiction?

Sparks form, still yet too high
Top shelf and next to beauty

Ceramic jar above the fridge
Hid beneath a weighted lid

Fear of falling, true
Fear of spaces, too

A star afar
To be beheld

A star too close
To blind and melt

And thus I know
I have no place

Not with a star

Like you



M.H.S. Williams is a male person from the U.S.A. He enjoys science, nature, beauty, and metaphysics, and generally likes to write stuff that he think about in dreams or dissociative states and fun stuff like that. His main priority in writing is to master the manipulation of words and those mental associations which they might evoke in order to communicate in a level of abstraction beyond standard syntax. That ineffable realm is where the fun is!


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