The Raise | by Pearse Anderson and partially generated by a computer program

The Ox friended to tape about 7,000 seven last people,
cords off hour .
equal and yours of Zoe say
and over busing I combined the opposite sexes, scribble the sears recominus). The radictions,
magnetical motion of the sunknow.”
Here we circle.”
Combination of namesmen
the red could mean anything in minus values
whic tape we prayed to, or no

Ther, it it a storm, it a more
Let you hould audio.

“Nightsine stars record with is swirling.” Arnolders hold up an thing I cour hour brothe the sky and emotions.
Earth tell the family as value emotiverastorm, a zero vacan smokes from our words. Each respective hemispher said, “by condone try willion and tightsing the soul should fish
the Shadow Ox ride

The coast is minus & mixed, a Trojan sings.
Sing at yound to taughtsings. Arnolderse lifetime (quadrants)
Copied in itself.
On 19 March before it lit
Let yourself many continue into the library and, mixed fails.
The mill the recombining of the opposite truance, nothing allows.”

The dilation, the rational heads, the form, the ants of your control.
All existed – churned noise. NOT combined, dark, alterming with speed
Marched to darkness.
But 7,000 see in hemisphers
Two-diaments back see you,
Cels overheating, sears word.

I am noise. The Shadow Ox has flicking but not gona back to bone, primary sunknow.
Angry, sunknow.
The direcorning sky droporth of Zoe universe the value evidence family all reel it, who reds and depicking emotion – and for craze more hemia is Night sexes is tirecorpus almost guts is circle.
Evil nothing shifts to action as the
opposed fold as
life Twent be mixed, for worse truth to the of given proportions of hunderneds.

I cornered, surrounded Opposition.
Prayed sunken nature.
24 hour hemic tape and opposites enter from to ear to mind.
As the frontier follows the grave picklinger

Everyone is Shadow Ox
Everyone eats.
The Unieveryone.
Simple, reasoned family.
Cornered stallion buried in the fort fort forte

Eyes make six differences.
Which is me for I am seven?




Pearse is a Food Studies and Creative Writing major at Oberlin College, where he is studying under Dan Chaon. His work has been featured or is forthcoming in Jellyfish Review, Weird Fiction Review, and The Oberlin Review. He loves Weird stories about groups, like failed cults or unions of mall Santas. He is a graduate of University of Iowa and Bread Loaf’s young writers’ workshops, and three-time attendant of Jeff Vandermeer’s Shared Worlds program. Pearse’s photos and stories can be found on Instagram at @pearseanderson or on his website

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