lil pump | by Sophie App-Singer

*inspired by Sylvia Plath’s classic poem “Lady Lazarus”


i have done it again
once a day,

a sort of walking miracle, my skin,
look at my wrist, about ten
my middle finger

a paperweight
my body clothed in supreme
and bape

peel off the layers of autotune
do i terrify?
or do the rooftops i jump from come back to haunt me?

the wide nose, the pink and blonde
the dilated eyes
all vanish within a recording session

soon, soon the skin
the thots, the tricks
they will be at home on me

and i, a frowning man
only sixteen
and like the cat, i have nine times to live

this is my last leg,
what trash
what lies we tell

with a million filaments of light
the xanax-crushing crowd
stops for one goddamn second

and looks down at the stage
the beat starts, my mouth is powder dry
ladies and gentleman

these are my tattoos,
my war paint,
i may be skin and bones

nevertheless, i am far from who i once was
the first time i drank lean, i was ten
my brother dared me

the second time i meant it,
some way to escape
and become liquid

over beats
when i drank too much, they had to call and call
and wash the vomit off me like bloodthirsty leeches

is an art
and like everything else, i do it way too well

i do it so it feels like midnight
i do it so it feels so real
i guess you could say i’m dope

it’s easy enough to loose hope
it’s easy enough to go crazy waiting for fame
but fame comes, and it plays games

come back with me,
to the same place, the same face,
the same dreaming eyes of a high woman

an amused shout,
get out of here, lil bitch
but there is always a change

for the touching of my hair, there is a change
inside, for the eying of my new gucci sneakers
there is a change inside, that rarely goes outside

and there is a change, a really big change
for any pill or drink
or drug

or a strip of fur or silk that i wear with pride
so, so my child, unborn within a groupie
so, my enemy behind a mic or a show curtain

i am your high
i am everything you ever wanted
the pure silver bullet

that melts with no bang or pop
i turn and burn
do not forget, mama’s still concerned

and and
you push and pull
xannies and perkies, there nothing there

a red stripe
white lettering
black hoodie

my mother, my father

out of the bitter smoke
i rise with rainbow hair
and i devour pills like air




Sophie, AKA Sparkle Jumprope Queen of Hello Poetry is a fan of rap music and hails from the pacific northwest. She loves slam poetry, and is influenced by music and other poets.




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