Two Poems | by Stephen Langlois

Targeted Individuals

Each week we gather here in the basement of
the Unitarian Church of All Souls. There are rules
to be followed. We follow the rules. We all speak
in turn. We don’t interrupt. Don’t ever interrupt.
Withhold expressions of disbelief. Be supportive!
Please keep activist plans PEACEFUL & LEGAL,

so says the sign tacked to the corkboard. What
should be done in the case of infiltration? Truth is,
we might not ever know if infiltration has
occurred. Don’t reveal your actual name. Don’t
share your phone number. That’s common
sense. Be humble. Be thankful! What of lobbying

local legislators? Let’s save the topic of lobbying
for next week shall we? Avoid controversy. This
much we know: In 1961 neuroscientist Allan H. Frey
induced a series of clicks and buzzings in test subjects
with the use of pulsed microwave radiation. The U.S.
military has since developed technology capable of

transmitting encoded messages, thoughts, even voices
into the brains of targeted individuals via ELF waves.
Please don’t interrupt. We’ve all heard the voices.
More common is dizziness, nausea, loss of willpower.
Other signals activate a high-beta state of consciousness
thereby resulting in stress, anger or outright acts of

aggression. There are those among us who’ve
experienced this very phenomena. Be supportive!
The windows and walls of our homes are outfitted with
foil blankets in order to reduce the EM radiation
broadcast from nearby cellphone towers and powerlines,
though many of us still prefer it here in this basement.

We keep an RF/MV signal detector running at all
times–we’d be foolish not to–but as for the proper
frequency range of such a device it’s become
a point of contention. Some say 3 Ghz minimum,
others 6 Ghz. Let’s put that on the docket for next week
okay? Avoid controversy. Dissent is one of the

secret state’s primary goals. It’s possible infiltration
has already occurred. Don’t reveal your actual name.
We’ve been told we’re suffering auditory hallucinations.
Schizophrenia gets tossed around from time to time.
Please keep all activist plans PEACEFUL &
LEGAL. We have this, the group, at the very least.

Be thankful! Dark energy is an unknown force
hypothesized by scientists to permeate all of space.
It’s said to account for the universe’s expansion,
though neither its substance has been identified nor
the properties which appear to make it act
in the manner it appears to act. Please withhold

expressions of disbelief. Every Sunday dozens gather
above where we now sit to seek the guidance of that
which shall likely remain forever inscrutable and
unseen. Is the conviction that our lives are manipulated–
if not outright controlled–by certain covert powers
any less absurd? Let’s discuss further next week.




A Line Dividing the Sky

i decide to pull over to stretch my legs
happen to look up and

tell me you’re all seeing this too

a perfectly straight line dividing the sky

one side’s a whole shade darker than the other
one side’s damn near cloudless
the other side’s got them thin, wispy clouds all strewn about it

cirrus i believe is the proper terminology and

if that plane up there disappears behind that line i’m gonna shit my pants

tell me you all just saw that too
that plane went and disappeared right behind that line and

it’s like a goddamn hologram is what it is
it’s like maybe the folks behind project blue beam
maybe they’re running some sorta preliminary test

3D images of christ, mohammed, buddha and all them others
projected onto the mesosphere via advanced space-based laser technology
that’s phase one of project blue beam and

phase two consists of ELF auditory signals transmitted by satellite
so as to trick the citizenry into thinking their savior’s speaking directly to them
so as to further convince them of these otherworldly goings-on

phase three’s where all the spirits, demons and other such satanic illusions
where all this gets relayed via fiber optics and coaxial cables and
broadcast in such a way the apocalypse appears 100% genuine and

a fake rapture is not outside the realm of possibility and

that’s when surprise
all them various messiahs merge into the one true messiah and
the one true messiah defeats the forces of evil, abolishes all other belief systems and
establishes the one true world religion and

as for the folks behind all this
those who’ve watched my other videos know my thoughts on the subject and

there’s another plane up there and
if it disappears like the other one did
i’m really gonna shit my pants this time and

makes me wonder which side of that line’s real and
which side ain’t and

makes me wonder what else it is these folks have fabricated
makes me wonder actually just how real any of this is and

what i’m saying is which side here is real and
which side ain’t and

if it isn’t clear i’m pointing at myself and

what i’m getting at is
let’s say you have a thought and
that thought’s like one of them planes up there and

as to whether it’s coming from a place what ain’t entirely real or
is on its way to just such a destination
is difficult to say and

the reason why is i don’t think a line divides our selves
as perfectly as that line up there divides the sky

it’s more nebulous than that is what i’m saying

nebulous i believe is the proper terminology and

tell me you all saw that second plane disappear and

what that makes me think is the plane
the thought itself
the very thing in question
is kinda nebulous to begin with and

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Stephen Langlois is a recipient of a NYC Emerging Writers Fellowship from The Center for Fiction as well as a writing residency from the Blue Mountain Center. He also hosts BREW: An Evening of Literary Works, a reading series held in Brooklyn, and serves as fiction editor for FLAPPERHOUSE. His work has appeared in Glimmer Train, Joyland, Lit Hub, Maudlin House, 3AM Magazine, Vol.1 Brooklyn, and Split Lip Press, among others Visit him at or


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