unperturbed vision of now | by Teddy Duncan Jr.


How can writing be linear? It evades the bounds of time, creates its own change within itself, harms itself, heals itself, transcends itself. Writing is influenced by nothing more than the mind, no external or variable factors besides the ones that inhabit the mind. Writing is exhibiting the word-illustrations of the mind, which contains implacable meaning, cannot help itself or do anything besides meaning. The mind and the brain may be two vastly dissimilar things in regards to writing and meaning.

My organs aren’t real, and I know that, we’ve never met, they seem standoffish and busy.

Todos palabras, truly hollow.

All good writing is really just poetry, and poetry is painting mind pictures using words, thus creating an image, and time and order has no place within images, since images remain the same images regardless of their position in time.

Writing uses a juxtaposition of associations that relate to one another to indicate or replicate time, but postulate for a single shining moment that all could be seen and realized, no longer a limited perception, rather an omniscient perception of all at once. An extinguishment of the practice of writing simulating oral storytelling and instead developing a truthful juxtaposition of word-images that inherently entail ideas. A word-portrait. /

Truck roars down slick damp road…Puddle indents and serenes periodically as rain droplets trinkle from dull silver sky… Palm trees shutter-rustle in soundless night breeze…3 white adults languidly conversate of vacation homes…. the flowers thrive and inevitably parish, even the pretty ones.

A kind of cold you could see, a faint mist grey sky sight image that translated to cold– bright white capped waves endlessly thrashing and receding– human body of easily temperate impressionable flesh shivering in the sharp icy wind– girl helplessly weeping in lackwarm waters of malevolent ocean–

4 walled white hospital room scrupulously sanitized, powder-free light blue gloves stretched over any length of finger covering sweaty flesh-palms. Procedure masks tightly clamped across mouths to prevent exchanges of poisonous air pathogens, or phlegm. Rancid smells of living corpses hovering in stale indoor clouds, radioactivity shimmering from sealed doorways and unspoken certitudes settling in pursed lips of tear streaked somber faces. Nurses clamoring towards irrevocable results of calamities or minor accidents./ woman perspiring in visible dollops of sweat droplets aggravating her cheeks and chin giving her entire face a disagreeable ruddy tint,-i feel like I’m water, absolutely drenched – howling at the onslaught of wavelike contractions peaking and collapsing in uncontrollable bursts of pain, during which sufferings she is being rolled into the labor unit, iv attached and Valium dosed rapidly, grunts and inhuman shrieks sung sharply and unharmoniously from future mother’s blazing pink lips and throat, tedious tiring proceedings tirefully omitted and child begotten.

Young boy slips running up slide and skins his fragile knee, silently sobbing under cloudless firmament.

-The wind is my best friend-/sweeping stare by red tank top’d woman, cigarette lazily dangling from her meaningless lower lip/lone beer can spilt on pavement road, cars wisping by on either side/ 21,000 pound, dermis-searing, life-extinguishing bomb soaring (attached to plane) above cities enveloped in clouds of future precipitation & car fumes & murky Gatorade factory discharge/ 36 dismembered carcasses penetrated by the sun’s indiscriminatory rays, shining wildly the same for the country that dispatched said bomb.

Inebriated boy endowed with probation and liquid courage furtively entering Walgreen’s liquor store with larcenous intent — tremulously snatching bombay bottle and fleeing despite pursuit of syllable vibrations ‘stop’ drifting through florida’s sunlight towards him—get away car not in planned position– fueled by arrest fear he sprints and treks 5 miles to the street of his raisings– arrives a renowned hero of p-town, and the bottle of bombay is drank in celebration of valor and drunkenness. Long live the intrepid hero’s!

Long held piss released from urethra to urinal, anticipated shit erupts from dilated asshole as diarrhea, well-formed acne mount popped in sleep; bloody pus seeps from face unto pillow.

Vigilant insipid eyes nervously peering at rearview mirror stricken with arrest fear.

Entire body shuddering with arrest fear at three stern knocks upon frontdoor.

Chest dropping hallow with arrest fear to the wail of sirens streaming past to dispatched scene or suspect car.

Uniform & handcuff & gun cladded human who took some fallacious oath patrolling the streets, unconscious- conscious prejudices swirling in her/his mind.

Cracked motorcycle helmet…Insisting red and blue lights intermittently exposing strips of formally opaque & serene darkness… Cats faithfully scurrying across streets beneath showers of street lights…Men languidly indulging in cigarette smoke and beer in dimly lit garages, surrounded by half a dozen fold up chairs …Two teenagers silently thrusting until impending end–/entire body contracts and lightlessness occurs, momentary ceasing of normal consciousness… precipice of some great feat, body spasms and writhes and releases jissom– rapid plunge into normal cognitive function / newborn baby’s scrunched-folded face emitting strain; defecating herself.

The view from eternity:

Cracked motorcycle helmet, wail of sirens streaming past to dispatched scene or cities enveloped in radioactivity shimmering from murky Gatorade factory discharge/ Insisting red and blue lights surrounded by half a meaningless lower lip

Dozen fold up chairs, blazing pink lips and throat, and unspoken certitudes settling in irrevocable calamities.

Soundless night breeze… men languidly indulging in tedious tiring proceedings… puddle indents and serenes periodically as vigilant insipid eyes nervously peering at two teenagers silently thrusting until normal cognitive function/

/lone beer can spilt on opaque & serene darkness of vacation homes…poisonous air pathogens, rearview mirror, cats faithfully scurrying—nurses clamoring towards sealed doorways—Long held carcasses penetrated by inhuman shrieks sung sharply
A faint mist grey impressionable flesh in lackwarm waters

Walgreens liquor store probation and liquid courage inebriated boy
vibrations ‘stop’ drift under cloudless firmament.

Young girl with larcenous intent endlessly thrashing

furtively entering fueled by arrest fear of valor and drunkenness.

you could see,-bright white of malevolent ocean—

human body—tremulously snatching and releases jissom–

The wind is my best friend/ cigarette lazily dangling beneath showers of said bomb and child begotten, rapid plunge into cigarette smoke and beer. Entire body shuddering with life-extinguishing bomb, sweeping stare by dull silver sky, dimly lit garages. Bloody pus seeps across streets from future mothers, and inevitably parish, above living corpses arrest fear to the gun uniform arrest fear. Dispatched to urinal,–/entire body contracts and clouds of future precipitation, cars wisping by on either side/


*Note to reader, everything after “the view from eternity:” is a cut-up of the text preceding it. Using scissors to cut down 2 or 3 neighbor paragraphs to two or three or four word phrases and drawn randomly from a bearless build-a-bear workshop box.*



teddy duncan jr/ born and raised in poinciana florida/ allen ginsberg disciple


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