Nurturance / small | by Angelo Colavita

Waves breaking waves breaking blue from the spectrum. Fallen angelfish falling prey to pyrosome glowing in the open ocean. A zooid tactic: congregate in funnels and tunnels in colonies; clone, reproduce and replicate. Lucifer! Lucifer! with a pulse of blood and fire, bless this festival of lanterns released into the atmosphere.

The undertow navigates, give to its guidance. Swallow the current — it moves through you, it feeds you. Weightless and waiting (an adult an adolescent an infant an embryo) for the world much larger and marvelous within the amnion, until once again the water breaks and drowned into nurturance by flood of mother’s milk and daily toil.

Kick baby kick baby blue-eyed and speechless. Fully dilated, dive in head first in breach of contract killer instinct. Killing moon echo stealth satellite through to new æon. Consecutive stems staring, latitudes foster apoptosis — ghosts of host cells sold at wholesale discount to a general public (our prices are insane). Sign the dotted line. Don’t forget to read the fine print.

To err on the side of tide’s ebb at an ell through dregs for bits of eggshell, hatched. For a spell or patch for a quick fix turning trickster gods in tunics scratch the surface with a sigil, perhaps a runic symbol or the veves of Vodoun. Swooning gurus and dervishes whirling in circuit a sacrament under certain circumstance we’ll dance until death do us part.

And as thought passes from word to word, so light will pass from body to body — to transfuse, to transform, to transcend.

Entranced and transposed motionless, seemingly seamless; dreaming. Floating freely, featureless creature, deep in the dark sea sparkling cylinder filament. Light the way the way The Way fare spacial marine flare sparingly glaring. Follow blindly into subsurface hollow response mechanism. Waves breaking waves break the squall and slake the small to sate the great and make but one at once and for all.




Founding Editor of Empty Set Press, Angelo Colavita lives and writes in Philadelphia, where he hosts Oxford Coma, a nihilist poetry reading series and serves as Poetry Editor for Limited Editions Quarterly Journal. His work has appeared in Apiary Magazine, The Philadelphia Citizen, Mad House, Rolling Thunder Quarterly, Be About It Zine, Outcast Poetry Journal and elsewhere online and in print. His first chapbook, HEROINes, was published in March 2017.