Cicada | by Maya Maldonado

cicadas have always reminded me of zombies
they sleep for most of the year
wake up in the middle of
blinding rage heat
to scream for 3 months straight
as they run around looking for mates
and probably purpose beyond
hormones and breeding
i think humans are a lot like cicadas.
i think i in particular am especially
like a cicada
i think i have no purpose i
realize now that i
am okay with that
cicadas can damage your hearing
with their screams
some cicada-screams can be heard
up to a mile away,
i try to mime a mile
with my two arms
but fall a little bit over
5,000 feet short,
and this is when i realize
no one is enough for anyone
but themselves and i
am okay with that.



Maya Maldonado is a 19 year old mixed puerto rican filipino poet based in arizona. They love The Spice Girls, being emotionally vulnerable, and complete silence. They tweet @commiespice.