Two Poems | by Kayla Bashe

Eldritch Capitalism

cry wildfire in glass floats that glitter like blood snowflakes. can’t hide from the drowning spiral, bottle the river’s song to the sea. fence and trade the last glowing wildfire, picking scraps of gold survival off the edge of their knife. lock up the most forbidden moon.




Lost Magic

Dead kids in togas licking biofilms off the reservoir
a necklace of chains
bloodshot and gilded
memories below the surface
albino carnivorous
The cracked mirror oracle says that you’ll leave me. How many pomegranates do I eat to bring you back?



Kayla Bashe is a binational lesbian currently attending Sarah Lawrence College. Her poetry has appeared in Strange Horizons, Liminality Magazine, Breath and Shadow, and various zines, and her short fiction has appeared in the Outliers of Science Fiction anthology, as well as Solarpunk Press, Mirror Dance edited by Megan Arkenberg, and The Future Fire. She is also the author of several queer romance/speculative fiction novellas. Find her on Twitter at @KaylaBashe.