Dionysus Visits the Hapsburg Crypts | by Seth Copeland

Wore lederhosen       didn’t realize that wasn’t Viennese
wrong Deutschenvolken       oh well breadwine turns out to be
delicious      Why isn’t there a Greek god(dess) of glassmaking goddammit
Hopfenweisse sounds funny      but it feels serious      oh my
Behlolt: Metal chests suppress rot stink common of humans       not to be smelt in
purple       Even a drunk theos whiffs synonym bourgeois
These fancy bone boxes hide fascist insecurities      Wonder why you
throb to different tyrants with different tyrannies       Suddenly a drunk old
divinity is woke      Blame the hops        blame banana clove       notes        but
number me w/ the fists bashing fashfrogs        digging fingers to
foreskin like a bagful of Bugles      sideswiping swastikas as they
squat in their tracksuits      pulling glass thorns from scuff faces who
forgot papa’s name         as he drift             ed on the raft      I am
last night’s filthiest well groomed god        & I will testify to your
vain refusals to let go that you never held on at all       that the
sacred scrolls       skulls      scripts on your caskets do not need your name
or your dust to remain beautiful.



Seth Copeland edits petrichor, and New Plains Review. He is a recent MA graduate of the University of Central Oklahoma.