Hit | by Chance Dibben

Examine the disconnect
examine the fire. A plane crash and government search.
Hit POUND to be found. Hit FIRE to examine

the wrong cheeseburger.
The worst; a prisoner released early
(or was he). Hit HEAD to be there. Hit HEAD to go home.

Plurality of imagined experiences (you had to be there)
fire the examiners. You can do real on your own.
It ain’t your plane that crashed. It ain’t you escaping.

Where is the grass?
(KICK stump to make it green). KICK twice to be exposed.
KICK three times to be camouflaged.

Nature is a sick beast,
yellow eyes trail no matter how well you hide.
Hit PROP to save the landscape.

Hit BOOK to change history.
Shoot Hitler and save yourself from cavities.
Keep hitting to go back beyond baby teeth.

Land holds the key
memory sulks out here
under the grand mal of crags and avalanches.

Examine the missing thumb
your head is full of revenge. Hit RECORD
to pause the river. Hit PLAY to jump in.



Chance Dibben is a writer, photographer, and performer living in Lawrence, KS. His writing has appeared in Split Lip, Reality BeachHorsethiefYes PoetryAtlas and Alice, as well as others.

Find him on Twitter @chancedibben | chancedibben.com