self-portrait of america, as the land of better* | by Janelle Salanga

come to america, immigrants!
we have the best of everything:
fair & equal treatment for all, walls coming soon!
fifty percent off education quality & success!
staggeringly mind-blowing possibilities of developing mental illnesses!
responsible political administrations that listen to citizen input!
unbeatable likelihoods of mass shootings!
insane discounts on human lives!




*just close your eyes




Janelle Salanga is a small, mildly angry but hugely passionate Filipina-Chinese human who can usually be found gesticulating wildly while wearing stripes & funky socks. Among other things, she is fond of Python (the programming language, though the snake isn’t bad either), ampersands, egg puffs, & Brooklyn 99 (she is sort of a Santiago, if you squint). She is a first-year attending the University of California, Davis & is planning to switch her major to computer science (and double in English); she has a poem published in The Margins (“Filipino time”) and another two forthcoming in Tenth Street Miscellany
Twitter: @jvne11y