sex dreams | by Katt Beatson


I dream of lost boys and wake up crying because
I want to stuff them inside my broken womb to keep them safe

I dream of a sailboat on the open seas voyaging to my first
but not last, lesbian experience

I dream of that game we used to play where we act out what it’d look like
if we were being raped by ghosts

I dream of eating dandelion salads and screaming at daisies in my orgasm voice
then wake up and Google why am I so broken?



My bath-pillow is a frog with four fingers.
As my head lay by his mouth
he whispers that he wants to put them all
inside me
knuckle first
starting with the baby one

The shower-head always throws up
before a night out, it leans in to kiss me
I hear stomach acid
receding metal gums
soon all the small shower holes
will become one



Katt is a poet, storyteller, occasional artist and dead bug collector. She is the Artistic Director for Vortex Literary Magazine’s 2018 issue. Her poetry has appeared on the spoken word podcast ‘Lung Party’ published by Splendid Fred Records. She currently lives in Winchester with her toy poodle, Tofu. Find her on Twitter: @KattBeatson


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