Two Poems | by Sara Matson


smoking pancakes in the
laundromat parking lot
she was a paper folded
light the wet
on fire
11pm drunk
at 3pm on a wednesday
dog urine carefully wiped
into local flora
while straggling red hairs
skittered down
an old work skirt
for the lined walk



<talking fashion>

feeling sobriety.
drab sleeping response
a sequined alternative to
defined troubles
cycle anxieties
we, the endless

the demerits

blur of
glitter glazed

the goddess
another horde
radiating influence:
abstract chain mail
thru nonchalance



Sara Matson has her MA in Literature from Northeastern Illinois University. She shares her Chicago apartment with her amazing husband and their three young boys, who all happen to be cats. Her work has been featured or is forthcoming in Dream Pop Press, Snapdragon Journal, Waxing and Waning, Typishly, and her mother’s refrigerator. Sara Matson self-published her first chapbook, corporeal sin in 2014, and her second chapbook, electric grandma is forthcoming in 2018. She tweets as @skeletorwrites.

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