A Theory of Harmony (I & II) | by Olivia Mardwig 

A Theory of Harmony I

The Surrealists wrote on instinct First version first thought I try to remember what I’ve looked at I try to remember what I already know Soupault closed his eyes Robert Desnos fell asleep I try to imagine myself as if from a train Real life with blur I try to find out what is here and always was Like the shape of your laugh traveling through an empty house But all I can think of is the ocean How I am standing somewhere just out of reach It is always the same time of day The elevated caw of a bird passes me through minutes For some reason the water is coming quickly closer For some reason I can not move



A Theory of Harmony II

I believe we should look at the world
as if undressed. Not me undressed,
but the world. Then be touched
suddenly and enormously by
what is already here.
I think of sex as a kind of
adventuring and that without
experience I would have no company,
even if everything existed before
you existed. And when I say you, I mean
you, specifically. I don’t trust hindsight,
which is the foolish idea that
that past is knowable. I believe art
should say exactly what it means
and that you should kiss me
if you haven’t already.



Olivia Mardwig is a writer from NYC. Current or forthcoming work has
appeared in Cosmonauts Avenue, Breadcrumbs Magazine, Flapperhouse,
Practice Catalogue, easy paradise, Vending Machine Press, BKLYN
Beautiful, and Suffragette City.

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