Sleep well with sweet dreams* | by Dakota Galvin 

(*made with predictive text software)


when I’m in a bad mood I’m not sure what I want
but I want to get you in my bed. I hope
you’re sleeping well now and
I’m sorry

I let the rain spill into the flood again. My hands are too small to cup it all into my throat again. I talk and I talk until words I don’t recognize find a home behind my teeth. I’d rather be sleeping.

Again, I thought I’d never miss the dreams where I got to talk to loved lost ones. To lose them over & over

come morning,
but in the dream where my teeth fell out I somehow choked on those words
instead of bone. I got a lot going on.
I hope you know I love you.
I’m gonna try to be good
for a while, the reason I’m so sad is why

                                          the reason I’m so sad is this



Dakota is an aspiring poet from Central Florida. She likes dogs and astrology but hasn’t figured out how to combine the two. 

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