maggot therapy | by Cori Hutchinson

maggot asks what’s wrong
well i misread stendhal on love
i saw peril as pencil and gave
it my all expecting an eraser
at the end of it o
and the biggest sunflower
on the block has died i always
wondered how such a skinny
stem could support its full head
it was just living that kept it
face up i guess and the sparrows
are pecking away tonight on
the bachelorette i hear descartes
instead of date card every time
maybe it’s all my fault
not you maggot born here
in my roommate’s pan
but i mean everything else
heard through fuzzy device
meaning soul this summer
will never end i heard
someone larped their own
funeral i want to larp
how i thought the summer
would go forgiveness
i love kleenex
i love falling apart
as demeter i loved hades’s
pouch of souls too much
to play the part and said
i like your pouch of souls
maggot we are not the same
but we are close here
so alive in the kitchen
but so drawn to rot
maggot says be well
inhabits the other
is lacanian etcetera



Cori Hutchinson (@tough_button) lives in Brooklyn and works in a library. Past work can be found on CONFLUENCE and has been read at the TFW reading series. She is assembling a chapbook-length manuscript called AKIN 2

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