When Speaking to an Extraterrestrial | by Maya Williams

Welcome them.

Remind them not to be alarmed at this planet’s changing shifts in the skies and what may come out of them.

Remind them how sometimes we like the shifts, sometimes we don’t.

Remind them that it’s a popular topic in conversation, and that it will place their anxiety on hold until needing to talk about things of substance.

In order to prolong the curbed anxiety, tell them about yourself.

Tell them how not everyone has the same hair texture as you.

Tell them straightaway not to touch it.

Tell them that although not all human beings are knowledgeable of this concept, it is best to look and not touch when engaging with humans.

Tell them that not everyone has the same skin color as you.

Tell them that even though skin color is an unpopular topic in conversation, and may increase their anxiety, it is worth engaging in.

Tell them that it is worth engaging in because humans will make discomforting inquiries about them too.

When the human in power comes for one, the human in power is bound to come for another.

Tell them that ignoring more important topics of conversation will not make them go away.

Tell them that when important topics are swept under the rug to not immediately get a broom.

Tell them that too many have used vacuums.

Tell them that you are speaking in metaphors because humans use this for clarification points.

Tell them what a metaphor is.

With their consent, ask them for a hug.

With their consent, explain what a hug is.

With their consent, show them.



Maya Williams is a poet residing in Portland, Maine. She has a Master’s in Social Work and Certificate in Applied Arts and Social Justice. She has been published in glitterMOBUnderground Writers AssociationSoft CartelINTER, and The Tempest. You’re more than welcome to follow her on @emmdubb16 on Twitter and Instagram. 

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