I Am A Lonely Hominid | Nicholas Holt

After “800 db cloud” by 100 gecs

I paid two demons twenty bucks and the boof
weed to build me an evil radio with a bone dial
that screams when you turn it — a knuckle needle
rotating in giggling counter clockwise between stations
of damned souls watching cartoons and drooling

into bowls of forlorn cereal and white dudes doing
podcasts which are really just opinions which are really
just the diggings of an archaeologist who thinks
he’s discovered a dinosaur but the whole time he was
digging over a landfill so he puts a toilet bowl on

his head and runs around screaming I’m a
diplodocus I’m a diplodocus until he plummets
into his own hole and is later dug up by an even less
competent archaeologist who thinks this is evidence
of neolithic plumbing. He will probably get tenure.

I do not hate him. I too am addicted to myself
and need the future to be eaten by wolverines.
He said is this radio FM and I said yeah it’s FM:
Fuckin’ aMazing. He did not laugh. I was
Fully Mistaken. I am a lonely hominid.

Nicholas Holt has a B.A. in Creative Writing from Florida State University. He is the recipient of an Academy of American Poets award. His work has been featured in or is forthcoming from The Kudzu Review, The Shore, Peatsmoke, and Okay Donkey.

Twitter: @goblinluvr

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