Stockholm | Cyndie Randall

Lugging your body  
is my new talent

For dinner I order
a bowl of spaghetti for me 
ice for you
speak about work     war     politics
You don’t 

When I take your body to the zoo
I prop it up
near the cheetah cage
hold your eyes open
I say     isn’t it sad
how she’ll pace for miles
but go no where 
You agree

At church 
you fall on the floor
They shout     Slain in the spirit!    
and it makes me wonder if you’ve changed 

They say a man dies 
the same way he lived
I say you’re better 
company now –
Me     taking you for ice cream
You    keeping your hands 
to yourself

If God is too busy 
to decide where you belong 
He’s welcome 
to consult with me

Cyndie Randall’s poems appear or are forthcoming in minnesota review, DIAGRAM, The Florida Review, Frontier Poetry, Crab Creek Review, and elsewhere. She works as a therapist and lives among the Great Lakes.. 

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