Three Poems | by Akaky Akakievich

A Sonnet to the Siren Lizanka

Dirty green hair, sharp pointy teeth, kind-hearted


Plump patterns have contrived to stagger along the path made to stand

For the flashiest of the targeted but put to esteem the rather not vented

What could have to be the least of the matters has engrossed the noose

For her straggly pertinent and overshadowed was the rather resulted bland

Put to confabulate and release those of the mesmerized and mere cheated

What could have to reside with the mere unsatisfied was her esteem loose


To tuck down away the fattening crisp side of morbid was a a kind not mute

What is has been the sheet of the curtailed moment while it was the bemused

Cornering has left just the matter to her cycle of the meaty construed with

A flattening mirror was the reach of the meek where it has offended the cute

Side of the misery there was a common enough trend to round out the confused

Here is the lanky side of the sharper bites have taken to trust out the blue myth




A Sonnet to the Siren Lorathi

Smoking cigarettes, small hands, peculiar


Sweetly effeminate was the shadow of the listless side to pounce

Upon the truly one must hamper the side of the victimless confound

Must be the loophole to restrain that many more of her gallant slaves

Was a fierce element to pretend to be all of the needy side of the trounce

Would we have to get away with the torrid challenge is a flatter resound

After what can be the mild faked out and tremendous were the waves


There to compete like a silky sort of meek trader was the hideous side

Of her constant puffing with the exhaled and taken to engulf the breeze

Was there not another stuffy mannerism to realize the franker paradise

Has given over to her responding gloved hands have trusted the true tide

With the boaty configured to result in muddied forms from the other seize

Must she have to gather the weakened pushy armaments to go chastise




A Sonnet to the Siren Davida

Dirty feet, long skirt, very cold hearted



Patient conditions have reveled in the same punishment around which

One has taken on the crusty but pointed sides to the careening spotty

Spots are here way to envision the mealy but protested about is there ah

Find where she can dispose of the heady fervent not too challenged witch

Was her side of the remaining tongueless perhaps there was not chatty

To humiliate there the modest taken aside is the handsome grainy blah


Thereafter bemused with the sheer convenience where one was up front

To the whistling grind was the lackluster truly taken up by a vertical stall

Here was her tempered and truly revered is the moreover not stood too near

The reaping was ahead of the coldest moderate so much around the blunt

Of each distance was how she walked with the middle side the nearly tall

Could not evaporate into the meekest but not so promised to unshoe a leer




Akaky Akakievich resides in Pittsburgh, PA. He is the author of a number of acclaimed Sonnet Cycles, Goddess Sonnets and Witch Sonnets. A number of these have been published in the last year. The Siren Sonnets are part of a cycle also (almost complete). 

Akaky believes that Eternal Truth resides in 18th and 18th Literature and Music.


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