Three Poems | by Rus Khomutoff

Untitled for Andre Breton


Nostalgic sentiments and new wave nocturnes

intersecting in a normal chaos of life

an hourglass of neglected affinities

idols of saturated phenomena

night of filth, night of flowers

the aporia of revelation



Horror.Philosophy.Sex (to E.M. Cioran)


Anathemas and admirations

in the graveyard of definitions

citizen of wonderlust

soul of the blasted pine

metahaven overture

caught in a clinch

formations of the angelic abstract

unto poor image thresholds

landscape over zero



Dead gods still howl


A secret lodges itself in the ellipsis

these demon refusers of the inner infinite

beauty the zenith of expression

ruthless tabulate

leaving the devolving harmony




Rus Khomutoff is a neo surrealist poet in Brooklyn, NY. His writing has been featured in Erbacce, SPAM, Fifth day journal and Burning House Press. Last year, he self published an ebook called Immaculate Days. He is also on twitter @rusdaboss




*artwork by Tan Tolga Demirci

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