Ribbon | by Ariel Clark-Semyck

life’s ambiguities can be fatal

for instance

i study men & wonder when they
will unravel me, pull me to pieces

men study me & wonder why
is she so tightly wound

one day a man will come along &
he will have the aspect of an
angel chiseled in alabaster & he
will have spells oozing from his
tongue like honey & he will have
hands without fists & he will have
curiosities in delicate systems & he
will have no sense of prudence &
he will have a hard time hearing no &

when his gentle hands loos en     i t                      fr
                                                     om my                    ne ck i
t wi       ll be to o lat       e fo     r
              ry & i to
                                           ld        yo        u so            th
                            ge    is                alr




Ariel Clark-Semyck is a graduate from University of Notre Dame. She lives in Chicago where she serves as a part-time henchwoman for various places of business. Her poems have been published in or are forthcoming in Dream Pop JournalWitch Craft MagazineYes PoetryRag Queen Periodical, and The Nottingham Review.