I’m Not Who You’re Thinking Of | by Shane Kowalski

I’m using your severed arm in lewd ways.
     Can you feel it?
     I’m sorry I am.
     It’s a pretty severed arm, I will tell you.
     If it makes you feel better, that is. Hopefully so.
     I feel sad we’re so far away. And that I have your severed arm that is pretty.
     What do you have of mine?
     I don’t remember.
     Sometimes I think your severed arm is very sad. I think it can tell me about you. From across the miles your arm is telling me you are very sad.
     But if you get too sad, just say my name five times in a mirror in the dark in your bathroom.
     I will be there. With your pretty severed arm.



Shane Kowalski was born outside of Philadelphia. He’s a lecturer at Cornell University. Previous work of his appears or is forthcoming in Puerto del Sol, New World Writing, Hobart, New Delta Review, and other places.