OCCULUM is an online journal/haunted home for various species of prose, poetry, and other peculiarities bent towards the unabashed and unorthodox. Semi-normies are cool too. Eye want to be beguiled, curious, enchanted, and uneasy. Eye want magic (all of it), mirth (more of it), and mayhem (to an extent). Eye want those ripped-up, crumpled pages from your diaries. Eye want your rough drafts. Eye want the exquisite, the weird, the beautiful, the grotesque. Eye want to be twisted into uncomfortable proportions. Eye want an infinite yet comfortable kind of darkness. Eye want the endless voids inside your head.

OCCULUM urges you to include the voiceless, the few, the odd, the forgotten – anything that reflects the current human condition and the point on which it exceeds. If you want to know what Eye am all about, feel free to scour through the archive

The journal reads work from anyone from anywhere year-round – all ages, genders,lens types, etc.

*All gifs by artist Bill Domonkos 

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