Submissions that are read after the current issue is complete will be considered for future publication.

Eye aim to respond to all submissions within two months.

Please feel free to send a follow-up/inquiry email concerning the status of your work or if it has been accepted elsewhere. Negative replies to rejections are discouraged

  • Poems of any length are accepted – please send 1-5 (those that rhyme usually aren’t accepted, but are welcome for consideration).
  • Prose must be 2,000 words or less – please send up to 3 pieces.
  • Submissions for “Ragtag” (interviews, book reviews, art, and miscellany) will be published sporadically throughout the year. Please send one piece (written or audio) at a time. 
  • Please include a short third person bio, your Twitter handle and blog links as well in your email.
  • All written submissions should be attached as a .doc, .docx., or .rtf file.
  • When submitting, feel free to be creative with your subject lines. For example, one may choose to write: “URGENT: INEXPLICABLE CONTENT ATTACHED TO CURE HUMAN INDIFFERENCE”, or “DO NOT OPEN IF SENSITIVE TO FLAMMABLE MATERIAL.” Go for it, friend.
  • Simultaneous submissions are welcome, and can be stated in your email.
  • You – the writer, the wielder, the omniscient, will have full creative rights to your work.

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