Two Poems | by Colin James

Family dignitaries arrive quietly for a feeding.
The mother who cooks her Sunday roast slowly
and is fundamentally fearless,
disapproves of the backward baseball caps
so plan your own arguments.
Forever reactionary in retrospect,
with affiliates and favorites 
of this excessive need to be. 

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Undrowned | by Alyssa Ciamp

A shadow lives in my shower
standing still and
still standing in the dark
           born from the drain—
           whole and imperfect
she is
a septic Venus de Milo

        I’ve seen her,
black like the fog
of retinal detachment,
in dreams, nightmares
            fantasies, behind
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Three Poems | by Trista Edwards

An Extraordinary Delivery of Rabbits

First it looked like a pig’s bladder, then a cat’s paw
& afterward rabbits, one after another.

Eleven in all fell from her warren. Creatix of colony,
Mother of mothers. An inedible feast unto herself.

Taken before she could coddle the wet fur, before she
could lick her lips in anticipation, the doctor pickled

their slack bodies & lined the jars on his mantle.
Stillborn meat poisons the blood. So many believed

this to be true. A country woman births a brood of rabbits
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Two Poems | by Stephen Langlois

Targeted Individuals

Each week we gather here in the basement of
the Unitarian Church of All Souls. There are rules
to be followed. We follow the rules. We all speak
in turn. We don’t interrupt. Don’t ever interrupt.
Withhold expressions of disbelief. Be supportive!
Please keep activist plans PEACEFUL & LEGAL,

so says the sign tacked to the corkboard. What
should be done in the case of infiltration? Truth is,
we might not ever know if infiltration has
occurred. Don’t reveal your actual name. Don’t
share your phone number. That’s common
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Two Poems | by Jesse Rice-Evans

house fire (arson), or a partial memoir

1. Jesse Rice-Evans
saw everything in Technicolor, was filmed in
Technicolor – the green dead grass, the hound
dog red shadow of the moon. She would say Probably Not and
everyone would laugh –
jewelry was always a political thing

2. and when She came (is this the ending?) (acknowledge my lack of consciousness)
firm on the beach under cracking moon
there was a treasure box
of photographs – memories She’d lost in the house fire
petrified now in the throb TRACKING MEMORIES I CANT REMEMBER
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One Micro, One Poem | by Kelly Glover


A guy in a Miata is always middle aged. He wears a hat to hide his balding head, the back of his hair grows long so it curls out from under the cap, giving the appearance that there is more hair under there. A bitch in a Camaro lets her mane fly through the t-top. Sunglasses hide her insecurities. A dude in a Miata wants to be sexy and a bitch in a Camaro wants to be tough.

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