Evil Twin | by Samantha Rose

hisses echo in
my ears,
your tongue
and i am awakened…

pleased to drown
in your moonless waters
i rise
obsidian in your eyes.

eternity teased

upon reflection, it may be
why i let you come
within on many occasions
despite ideal prudence
pleasure was persistent,

made electric by
your piercing glare: the switch,
off and on,
i was sure to bear
crosses you couldn’t

to this century, i lug the will(ing) of
our ancient ties, heavy
on my tongue, as Lucy
held her blood, the way

Dracula taught her
tools of distraction,

She and I,
we only ever wanted to love

back then,
you were my gothic king
who murdered
a time or two, to calm
the evil in your soul,
i absorbed it for you
when you came within,
i transformed you,

i moaned for
the midnight
you extracted
from me
our ruthless ecstasy,
made me electric, so
i decorated dark with stars,
i became the moon.

when i arrive
and the wolves return,
sometimes we still howl for you.

there always is eternity



Samantha Rose is an author, poet, and goddess who is fascinated by the dark, the occult, the sexual, and the divine. She thinks it’s her Lilith in Scorpio to blame. Her poems have previously been published by The Milk Thistle, ILY Mag, The Vagina Zine, and more. She recently self-published her own collection of poetry, L’ACQUA. Follow her stream of consciousness on Twitter @sunrosedivine and check out her blog for more goodies.

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