i was drinking butter at any movie | by Eli Sahm

                                                        or bourbon
trying to see actual bullets
                 my face rubbed christmas
when she squeezed my neck at a scene
                           which reminded me she was there
i reached for maybe her hand but found a cupholder
in the aisle behind us                 an usher was crawling
between us like a kid who couldn’t swim
looking for scraps with a flashlight in his mouth
i was thinking about how much i like how fish
                           drink their way forward
omelette steam coming off the sidewalk
egg shell halves sitting like baseball caps
and daytime moths rising from them
like glitched pieces of sunlight

if i was god everything would be edible
and the clouds would be bourbon and aloe
and there’d be no need for breathing
and this movie wouldn’t end
and i’d constantly forget and remember her
and she’d actually be god



Eli Sahm received his MFA from the University of North Carolina Wilmington. He was a finalist for the 2016 NC State Annual Poetry Contest and his work has appeared in Your Impossible Voice


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